RunHopeLive 2013

Planning a run across Virginia to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention, and to raise money for the following year's "Coast to Coast" run. This is the rough draft plans for the run across Virginia. It will be a 15 day run covering 508 miles (33.9 miles/day) on US 58 that runs along the southern border of Virginia. Here are the daily planned stops.
We start just outside of Middlesboro, Kentucky on the Virginia border...

Day1     33 miles to Jonesville, VA
Day2     36 miles to Gate City, VA
Day3     29 miles to Bristol, VA
Day4     44 miles to Whitetop, VA
Day5     34 miles to Independence, VA
Day6     28 miles to Hillsville, VA
Day7     22 miles to Meadows of Dan, VA
Day8     41 miles to Martinsville, VA
Day9     27 miles to Danville, VA
Day10   33 miles to South Boston, VA
Day11   49 miles to South Hill, VA
Day12   38 miles to Emporia, VA
Day13   36 miles to Franklin, VA
Day14   21 miles to Suffolk, VA
Day15   37 miles to Virginia Beach, VA

Each city/town I plan on stopping in along the way I will begin to look for opportunities (Churches, schools, government agencies, veterans organizations, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.) to tell my testimony and share information and resources to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention. I will also be accepting donations for the “Coast to Coast” run that is in the works for the following year. Please be in prayer for this planning is all in God's hands and God's timing =)

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