Please Help Me...Help Others?!?

by: Anthony Smith

A quick search in the Webster’s Dictionary shows us dozens of meanings for the word “calling.” Depending on if it is used as a verb or noun or if it is referenced as biblical or from literature, the definitions can go on and on. So here is the deal…I am not an expert on any flavor of the dynamic happening known as a “calling!” And, I am not prepared to understand what God’s calling is, or how it works (Isaiah 55:9)…I will let those much more intelligent than myself explain that. What I am here to announce is something that I have a strong passion for that is the most tragic happening that I can imagine in life, and it rarely gets any pub and rests secretly in the minds and hearts of many of those around us. Well, that is about to change! I will not sit back and let people take their own lives when God has predestined them for a specific plan of greatness (Jeremiah 29:11). If you have ever had these thoughts…I BOLDLY declare that God will restore you sevenfold what the devil has deceived you from (Proverbs 6:31)… in the name of Jesus!
I read something recently that blew me away and gave me the confirmation that I have been looking for. The World Health Organization had this to say about suicide prevention:
“Worldwide, the prevention of suicide has not been adequately addressed due to basically a lack of awareness of suicide as a major problem and the taboo in many societies to discuss openly about it.”
Around one-million people take their own life EVERY single year worldwide and nearly one-million people in the United Sates attempt suicide each year. Suicide is one of the top ten causes of death in our country and the only one that is completely 100% preventable. The statistics that I have found in my research blows me away and I may need to revert my endeavors to the most common use of the word “calling” as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary, “To cry, shout, yell, or scream.” I will do whatever I need to do to get the word out and raise awareness. This is where you come into play…
You may be thinking, “Tony, I have never thought about killing myself.” Yes, but someone you are close to has, and if you do not know the warning signs you could be enabling this sad epidemic. Do me a favor and help me. Tell everyone you know about Run Hope Live (, and invite me to come speak at your Church, business, organization, or any group of people. Suicide touches everyone regardless of age, race or social status. I will give you the tools and resources needed for you to be prepared if you ever need to step in during someone’s time of need. …or you may learn something that will keep you alive during yours.
I will be running in (marathon) races all across the country and sharing my testimony of how Jesus saved me, and gave me Hope when I almost took my own life twenty years ago.  I hope with God's provision, to run across the USA "Coast to Coast" in a few years to share the Good News! Now help me help others by sharing this article with all of your Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, and real live human friends =)

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