What is this?

by Anthony Smith

We have an exciting announcement that will be made live August 11th / 7pm ET. We are giving away free Run Hope Live shirts to the first 5 people that can answer the question, "What is this?" ...all you have to do is send your guess through the "Text Us" box to the right. When you send your guess, be sure to include your email address with your guess. We have had a few people guess correctly, but we do not know who they are or how to contact them. We are excited to share with you all of our plans (God willing) to combat suicide. Suicide is a horrible epidemic that claims 34,000 lives each year, and does not get the attention it needs to effectively address the delicate issues at hand. We have a plan to spread and educate about the preventative measures that can be taken, teach people about the warning signs, spread the Good News of Christ…and guess what??? ...we are going to have FUN doing it! Thank you for all the prayers and support and KEEP GUESSING!

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