The process has begun =)

As we continue to plan and train for the run across America for Suicide prevention, we have decided to take a few baby steps and now ask for your prayers and support. The 366 day 10,000+ mile journey will require us to raise $183,000 by June of 2015. We are trusting God to provide as we continue to prepare! We serve the God of the most high and nothing is impossible in His Kingdom! We know that much will be asked of us and we expect a bumpy road ahead! We understand that God is preparing us for amazing things and He cares too much for us to leave us the same. Change must take place and we have much growing to do. We understand that this can only work if He alone gets all the glory and praise. This is not about me or what I can do...I am just a shameful sinner saved by the blood of Christ.
I have taken a second job and plan to use 100% of the money that I make to go directly toward the run. We are praying for God to bless it and multiple it many times over! Once we have tax-exempt status next year we have some tremendous ideas on how you can partner with us to help us reach our goal. I will also be traveling and sharing my testimony beginning in 2013. God still is in control my friends and we are excited to align our life with His will =)
Please pray for our ministry as we continue to plan and train...we love you all and God bless!

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