Over the coming weeks and months I will be sending out Twitter messages each day about things that I am grateful for that particular day using #RHLGrateful. One of the warning signs of suicide is a sense of hopelessness. Hopelessness comes from the idea of concentrating on the negative things that are happening around us and loosing sight of anything positive. Having a mindset of gratitude can help to remind us just what is right with our lives and the world around us. Yes we all have bad days, but billions of good things surround us if we take the time to look and listen.  Let's have some fun with this =) ...when I send out a Tweet about something that I am grateful for...Retweet it and include something that you are grateful for. I will also retweet some of the top responses each day so that we can all see what good is happening around us. If you view the message on Facebook you can share what you are grateful for as a comment. God bless you all and we are trusting God for an impactful 2013 =)


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