Run Dedication for Michael D. Browning II

I am extremely honored to dedicate today's 5.21 mile training run to the beloved memory of Michael D. Browning II. Born January 11, 1985...he passed by the way of suicide on November 4, only 19 years of age. Michael was a graduate from Glenvar High School in Salem, Virginia where he was a drummer for the marching band. He is dearly loved and missed by many (especially his mother) sincere thoughts and prayers are with all of those who knew Michael. Thank you Brian for the request and it meant the world to me to be able to run in memory of your amazing cousin today. Please share this post and your most cherished memory of Michael's life in the comments section below for all to see. God bless.

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  1. Still inspired by your cause, this meant a lot to his brother.

  2. Thank you my friend, I was honored to run for him!