Run Dedication for Blake Romes

I have the honor of dedicating tonight's 5.21 mile training run to the beautiful memory of Blake Romes. He passed away in May of this year...gone way too soon. Sometimes we ask why!?! does not make sense, or seem fair. 17 years old and a full life in front of him. I do not have the answers....nor does anyone. But, one thing that we do know is that Blake is well loved, terribly missed, and will NEVER be forgotten. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the family tonight as they continue to grieve. Please leave comments of support for them. Be sure to check out the memorial page set up for him and his am truly honored to run for Blake tonight. Thank you Jane for affording me this opportunity today! Please share your most beloved memory of Blake's life in the comments section below for all to see. God bless.

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