Run Dedication for Darren Perry

I have the unbelievable honor of dedicating this morning's 5.21 mile training run to cherished memory of Darren Perry. Born December 28, 1964...he passed away on August 5, 2007...but his jovial spirit continues to live on. He was the life of the gathering no matter where he was. the same time, he would take the shirt off of his back to help anyone in need. He is dearly missed by his wife, children, family in England...and all of his dear friends in Ireland. My prayers go out to all of you as we pause to remember the special man Darren was, and the wonderful life he lived. Thank you Terrie for giving me this tremendous honor of running for your late husband today. Please share this post and your most beloved memory of Darren's life in the comments section below for all to see. God bless. - also pictured: Erin Brookshier WSLS 10 TV Roanoke

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