Run Dedication for Jerry Wayne Stallins

I have the amazing honor and privilege of dedicating this morning's 5.21 mile training run to the cherished memory of Jerry Wayne Stallins. Born April 23, 1965...he passed away nine years ago today (July 11, 2004). Please be in prayer for his family today as they continue to miss the amazing man he was. Jerry was the rock that his family leaned on when tough times came. He kept things in perspective and was a hero to many. He was the perfect blend of a man...rough and tough enough to like Harleys, yet soft and sweet enough to love Angels. I am honored to help remember this special man today. Thank you Ashley for asking me to run for your father...Just know that many people out there are lifting your family up in prayer. Please share this post and your most beloved memory of Jerry's life in the comments section below for all to see. God bless.

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