Run Dedication for George Alexander Albright

I have the true honor of dedicating tonight's 5.25 mile training run to the amazing memory of George Alexander Albright. George was a neighbor of mine for a number of years, but he was most notably known for his brave service to our country. He was a veteran of four wars…simply amazing. I have no way of fully understanding the level of sacrifice that he offered to protect our country. He passed away in May of 2013, and today would have been his 91st birthday. It only seemed fitting that I was on military training to run for him today. As I rounded the 17th lap on the post’s oval track, I heard the songs “Retreat” and “To the Colors” played over the loud speaker that signals the end of the Army day, and the lowering of the flag. I stopped in mid-stride and snapped to the position of attention, and rendered a salute as the flag was lowered. I could only think about George, and how THIS would be the way he would want his dedication to be! My prayers go out to Barbara and the rest of the family as they remember him tonight. He was an awesome person, great neighbor, and I salute him! Please share this post and your most cherished memory of George's life in the comments section below for all to see. God bless.

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