Run Dedication for Bucky Seagle

I have the true honor of dedicating tonight's 5.21 mile training run to the cherished memory of Bucky Seagle. He passed away just a few shorts weeks ago, and is missed more and more each day. Bucky a former U.S. Marine, was anything but ordinary...his dancing, grilling, bonfire, and story-telling ways are sure to never be forgotten. He loved gathering and spending time socially with his loved ones.... His personality was quick to turn a complete stranger into a trusted friend. Even more remarkable was Bucky's love for his family....especially his four children. We all are still in shock that he is not here with us. To us, it feels like we can still pick up the phone and give him a call. I send my prayers out to his family and friends as we continue to grieve the loss of a one of a kind soul! Bucky's light shines on! A memorial fund has been set up for his four children: ages 9 months to 16 years at Bank of America in Pulaski, or through PayPal at Thank you Debbie for this opportunity! Please share and God bless.

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