Run Dedication for Richard Linkous Woodyard & Lucille Sadler Woodyard Gravley

I have the amazing honor of dedicating tonight's 2 mile training run to both Richard Linkous Woodyard, and Lucille Sadler Woodyard Gravley. They both passed on December 13th of different this date is challenging for the family as they fondly look back remembering the loved ones they miss so very much. I ask everyone to please lift up the family in prayer tonight. Ricky was called Home at only two years old, but his brief time with us left memories that has stood the test of time...and will continue to live on. His smile, his laugh...feeling loved as you were holding him...those cherished memories will be there forever. Lucille's life taught us to cherish the small things, because they are actually the things that mean the most in life. She taught us to forgive, trust God, and cherish the people you love...not to take a moment for granted. She was known for her joyful gift of cooking, as that was one of the many ways in which she cared for, and loved people. I can't express enough how grateful I am Crystal, that you invited me to be a part of this special day...remembering these remarkable people...I am truly honored! Tears may fall...sometimes in pain, sometimes in joy...but always worth shedding. Thank you and God bless.

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