Resuming Run Dedications?!?

The run has started off in such an amazing fashion...only God can get credit for it. All glory to Him! My ultimate goal was to do run dedications as I crossed the country, so we can continue to remember, love, and honor those we have lost. At the current time, I have too much planning and organizing logistically each day to be able to do the dedications that I cherish so dearly. Now here is where you come in! I would love to have three volunteers to help me with some of this planning and organizing, so I can just run (or walk on lazy days)...and remember our beloved with a beautiful run dedication each day. These three volunteers can work together utilizing their strengths however best suits them. Here are a very few examples:

Make phone calls
Respond to emails
Manage the Facebook Fanpage
Manage Twitter
Manage Instagram
Choosing the roads for route
Calling/researching to see what amenities are available (gas stations, bathrooms) each day
Checking with local law enforcement
Contacting local businesses, organizations, and faith groups
Booking speaking engagements
Notifying local media outlets
Finding host homes
Scheduling stays at local hotels
Assist in building towards non-profit status
Help secure sponsorship
Make sure supplies (water, Gatoraid, and food) are available each day.

If any of this sounds like an opportunity that you are interested in...submit a resume to ...God bless =)

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