POLL: Help the New River Valley & Southwest Virginia decide on a Suicide Prevention Message!

We at New River Valley Community Services (NRVCS) in Blacksburg, Virginia are developing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the New River Valley (NRV) and Southwest Virginia centered on Suicide Prevention for this fall. This message will be used on billboards throughout Southwest Virginia, in TV and radio ads, in print material, and featured on local news media outlets during the month of September (National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month). Soon, I will be presenting my three proposals to our collaborative partners for a vote on a final message. Here are the three areas of prevention I am currently working on right now. Please help us choose the message the NRV & Southwest Virginia needs to hear the most!

Vote and help us choose a campaign below:

1) Gun Safety (education on how to properly handle and store guns, statistics on the lethality and use in suicide, understanding warning signs, and tips on how to guide a loved one who you are concerned about).
2) Crisis Intervention (understanding suicidal warning signs, learn the most important questions to ask, learn how to direct someone to the proper resources, and tips on how to support them throughout the process).
3) Teen Suicide & Safety Planning (understand the rising rates of suicide amongst our youth, know the warning signs, learn how to approach a teen you are concerned about, and education on how to safety plan with them).

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