Run Dedication for Matt Akers

I have the true honor of dedicating today's 5.74 mile training run to the beloved memory of Matt Akers. Another year is gone and his presence is missed, loved, and cherished more than ever! He passed three years ago today by the way of suicide, and words struggle to explain the pain our hearts have experienced since. Matt loved UVA, the Green Bay Packers, and spending time with all of his family and friends. My heart, my thoughts, and my prayers are with each of you today. Dirk, guys know I am here if ever you need anything, and I believe I have a whole host of people behind me who would say the same thing. Together we WILL keep his memory alive not only for us, but for his two beautiful children! I want to thank Bo and Clovis for sharing this dedication experience with me Matt's honor. All we can do now is bravely forge ahead in his absence...inspired by the memory he leaves behind. Please share and God Bless.

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