Run Dedication for Pat Gregory

I have the distinct honor of dedicating today's 5.38 mile training run to the beloved memory of Pat Gregory. She passed by the way of suicide in November of 2006, but is loved and missed dearly every single day. A life cut way too short. Oh, we long to know what story Pat's life would have told...if she was still here with us. I want to send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to all of her family and friends today as you remember this special lady. Thank you Tish and Barbara for affording me this special opportunity. May her loving memory live on strong for many years to come.

"Oh why, there's no comprehending
And who am I to try to
Judge or explain
Oh, but I do have one
Burning question
Who told you life wasn't
Worth the fight
They were wrong, they lied
Now you're gone and we cry
'Cause it's not like you to
Walk away
In the middle of a song Your beautiful song
Your absolutely beautiful song."

~ Rascal Flatts (Why)

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