Run Dedication for SGT Jordan Marshall

I have the beautiful honor of dedicating today's 5.38 mile training run to the beloved memory of SGT Jordan Dwayne Marshall. He passed away in October of 2016...very unexpectedly, and his life is loved and missed more and more with each passing day. Although I did not know Jordan...he sounds like my kind of man, and I'm sure we could have been great friends! He also enjoyed fitness, running, was a US Army Paratrooper, and was considered at "PT Guru." I wish I had the opportunity to have known him personally. Jordan also enjoyed camping and was a firearms enthusiast. I want to send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to all of his family, and friends today...especially Kara, Carol, Dwayne, Danielle, Jenny, and Patricia. Please accept my run dedication as a very small and pure token of condolence. Thank you Travis for affording me the opportunity to dedicate today to such an amazing person...your good friend Jordan. I believe he ran beside me in spirit the entire way today! Please share this post, and your most cherished memory of Jordan in the comments below. God bless.

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  1. I am Jordan's mother, Carol Morrow. I am so deeply touched that you did this for my son. I have never seen this before, and it really hit my heartstrings. What a wonderful person you are to honor these guys (and gals) by doing this. I'm know Jordan was running next to you, as that was the kind of person he was. May God Bless you and what you do.