Run Dedication for Lori Kleich

I, Krista Gleason have the amazing honor of dedicating today’s 4.03 mile training run to the cherished memory of Lori Kleich. She passed away on February 4th 2017. Lori’s will to live, and determination to overcome her cancer diagnosis gave her five more years to live to the fullest. She meant so very much to everyone. I will always admire her strength, determination, grace, and poise. I will miss the comfort of her words to give me reassurance to know that I am doing the right thing. You have always been an advocate and a voice for veteran’s care and benefits…which personally inspired me. I always admired your smile, even in the face of anything that tried to dim your shine. Most of all I admired your human spirit and determination to overcome what anyone would otherwise deem unobtainable. I was unable to attend your beautiful farewell ceremony back home due to a military obligation, and I wanted to find a way to honor you the best way I know how (Thank you Tony Smith and Run Hope Live for this opportunity). I will run this day, and every day because I still can. I will run until I physically can’t run anymore. I will never give up. You taught me this! Success is not crossing a finish line, it is having the courage to keep trying, and never stop…no matter the odds. Love you Lori. You will be with us forever. #rundedication

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