Run Dedication for Michael Clinton Lester Jr.

I have the true honor of dedicating today's 5.38 mile training run to the beloved memory of Michael “Mikey” Clinton Lester, Jr. He passed away recently after bravely facing throat and lung cancer. His precious memory is celebrated, loved, and will be missed deeply! Mikey loved to fish, hunt, or do anything outdoors. He loved Florida State football, UNC Tarheel basketball, and was a fan of the Detroit Lions, NY Yankees and NY Knicks. With his interest in sports, his drawing ability, Christian faith, and service in the US Army…it would appear that Mikey and I could have been good friends had we known each other. Mikey’s military service to our country took him to Korea, and Ft Sill, Oklahoma. He often said that, “There was nothing in this world more beautiful than an Oklahoma sunset.” Mikey…we can only imagine the beauty you are experiencing now. I send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to all of his family and friends today...especially Shayna, Brandon, Taylor, and Kaylee. Please accept my run as a very small token of condolence for your loss…as you remember the remarkable man he was. Thank you Sabrina for allowing me to honor Mikey’s life today...I pray his memory will continue to bless you all forever. Please share this post, and comment below with your most cherished memory of his life for all to see. God bless.

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  1. I love you Mikey. There are so many memories to choose from and I cherish each and every one but the one that I will share is the night we realized we were both in Radford visiting at the same time. I had been out with Teri and Mark and once we got back to her apt. I told her I had to go and she didn't want me to but you and I met at riverbend and played on the slide and swings in the rain ☔️. Once it slacked down we went to Matts house(where you were staying, TJ's old house) and we got fishing poles and a tackle box, then went wading in New River until daylight. We had such a long talk that night/morning/day and I will always cherish every second of it. There are so many more moments that we shared, ⚾️ games(which you were amazing at), �� games, �� games, and many many more memories that I will carry in my heart ❤️ and cherish forever. Rest In Peace Mikey. I love you. Everyone please continue to pray for his Amazing Mother and Father and His Four Beautiful Children. I love you all so very much and will continue praying for you all.

  2. As your Aunt Bobbi Jean, I had the privilege of watching you grow up. I took care of you a lot and you spent a lot of time at our house (your grannies house.) One of my memories (I have many) was when you wanted us to tie your superman cape around your neck and hold you in the air and walk through the house as you stretched out your body and arms like you were flying and then you'd say SUPERMANNNNNN! Even though cancer exhausted your body and srength, you stayed fought everyday through the struggles. I'm not giving cancer any victory over you, you ran the race, you didn't lose, you finished in VICTORY... it was yours from start to finish, because you got the prize comparable to none...HEAVEN! Through this journey you finished, you lost're HOME!