Run Dedication for Andrew Charles Cavins "Charley"

I have the true honor of dedicating today's 4.92 mile training run in Savannah, Georgia to the beloved memory of Andrew Charles Cavins..."Charley." He passed by the way of suicide 19 years ago, but is loved and missed more and more with each passing day. Today we celebrate the amazing man he was...on his 42nd birthday! He left us way too soon because the fire in him burned brighter than the love around him! Charles was a genius who struggled with mental illness his entire life. He was so hard on himself and never thought he was good enough. Finding jobs was easy for him, but keeping them was suffocating. He had worked at almost every fast food restaurant in Elizabethtown, Kentucky! He once said that after he found his 50th job he was going to write a book about how easy it was to find one! Charles could easily take a computer apart and put it back together...and shared his talents with others. He was 4 when he became an uncle and to his 4 oldest nieces and nephews...he was a legend! I send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to all of his family and friends today. Thank you Melissa for affording me this amazing honor today of running for your brother...I pray I did his memory justice. Please share this post and your fondest memory of his life in the comment's section below. God bless!

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