Even Doughnuts Have Holes!

Have you ever felt “not worthy enough” to achieve your dreams? Have you ever wanted to strive for something better…but deep down inside felt that maybe you didn't really deserve it? Meee toooo my friend! I’ve made way too many mistakes, right…sound familiar?! Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why we think this way? It’s time for us to understand and REALIZE that doughnuts have holes too!

The Universe (God, consciousness, source energy, or whatever you choose to call it) wants us to succeed! Yes, a LOVING God really wants us to have a FULL experience on this plane of existence that we refer to as earth. Everything in this Universe is set up for us to succeed. But what is it about our own minds that tells us otherwise? I really don’t know (actually, I have a hunch that I will share in another article soon), but I've always been fascinated with the “Love – Hate” Rice Experiment. The jar that’s labeled “Love” stays white over time while the “Hate” jar usually turns brown and molds. I believe that sometimes we are doing this to ourselves with negative self-talk, self-condemnation, and self-criticism. Maybe we should lighten up on ourselves a bit, and LOVE ourselves more. Jus sayin!

Our imperfections ARE what makes us perfect. That is why I call my own shortcomings “perfections.” They make us different, and our differences are our true gift to this world. If everyone looked, walked, talked, and acted the same this would be a miserably boring place to live! Some of my biggest downfalls, mistakes, and failures in life have set me up for my greatest and most fulfilling accomplishments.

So, if you feel like you have “holes” in your life today…just remember that doughnuts have holes too, and I challenge you to find a single person who does not like doughnuts, lol! Too many of us are focused on the holes and are ignoring the gift of the doughnut (sorry, if you’re now craving one). Here is the big takeaway: it’s okay to have holes…they don’t define you...they REFINE you!

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