Impress + Suppress = Depressed

In life, we have experiences “impressed” into our reality…stamped into our minds, memories, and energy fields. Whenever we suppress negative experiences, feelings, and emotions we hold the negative energy charge inside. I personally believe that all disease, disorders, anxiety, depression, poverty, and any other type of ailment stems from holding that negative energy inside. I can attest from personal experience that suppression can lead to depressive moments or episodes. Remember…Impress + Suppress = Depressed 

How do we counter this suppression? …we express!! Don’t be afraid to share with others your troubles (to trusted friends and/or loved ones), journal your experiences, exercise, or do whatever you need to do to release that negative energy.

On the positive side…our Creator has also “impressed” us. Impressed us with gifts, talents, and interests. If we set an intention to live a life of EXPRESSION…we sync back in with the natural flow of energy. Energy comes in and energy goes out. Ying and Yang, up and down…you get it? These gifts from God are personalized to us. No two people share the same talents or could impact the world in the same way. We actually have a duty and obligation to share our magic with the world (see Matthew 25:14-30). The problem arises when society (the matrix, the system, the government, or whatever you want to call it) teaches us to conform into the existing norms of the system…laid out by man (done through school, media, etc.). You know, working 9 to 5 like a robot…stripped of all your creativity…YUK!!

I believe if/when we are truly free to express ourselves and create as we are gifted to do (learn more about how to create here)…depression, mental illness, disease, sickness, suicide, and ailments of all shapes, sizes, and kinds will go WAY down. Happiness, fulfillment, love, kindness, health, vitality, life expectancy, and personal incomes will go WAY up! This is why I have dedicated my life to the "Run Hope Live" mission. It is my own personal expression of my God given talents, interests, passions, and gifts. I enjoy: helping people, running, drawing, writing, being creative, being artistic, traveling, meeting new people, and I am passionate about preventing suicide. Run Hope Live affords me the opportunity to do all of the above.

Each one of you reading this right now has your own skills and talents to share with the world…in your own unique way. Start today and don’t look back! You will know that you are on the right track when you feel more alive than ever before, and everyone around you is telling you how stupid you are for what you are doing (don’t be mad at them…they are stuck in the "matrix" frame of mind). Here is a healthier formula…Impress + Express = Blessed 😉

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