New Year's Resolutions Are a Waste of Time...Do this Instead!

Having a goal or setting a New Year’s resolution seems noble. Wanting something better for yourself and your family sounds great…right? But aren’t you just setting yourself up for failure? Forbes Magazine published a stat that reads only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Why would anyone sign up for that? I have an interesting take on why this is. Having a goal is a subconscious way of "separating" yourself from your desire. You are telling yourself that you are lacking! This is a NEGATIVE charge. Why would you want to reinforce LACK?

If this sounds crazy...I get it. I was in an interview for a job a few years ago and I mentioned that I DO NOT make goals. The interviewer’s mouth dropped wide open and asked why. Well, I wasn’t prepared to discuss this topic back then so I deflected the question (and didn’t get the job, lol!). Guess the Universe had bigger plans for me. So, if we are not making goals…what in the “H E Double Hockey Sticks” are we supposed to be doing with our lives? Glad you asked!

Everything is energy, so we need to raise our vibration and then the world around us will change to match. How do we raise our vibration? Well, lots of ways…but one way is by believing that we are already the person that experiences that reality. Feel it, see it, smell it, and BE it! Top athletes call this “visioning.” I believe that we need to look, act, talk, walk, and feel as though we are already experiencing the particular intention. When we do this, we raise our vibration…and then the world around us has no choice but to match that vibration (usually manifesting the desire…OR SOMETHING BETTER). You may say, “Tony…so you're telling me to fake it???” Kinda, but not really.

Our subconscious minds do not know the difference between what is real and what is not. For instance, say you are fearful that a robber may break into your house tonight. Even though that event has not happened…you may experience sweaty palms, racing thoughts, and a heart that is pounding out of your chest. That feels real…right? This is because your subconscious mind does not know the difference. To your subconscious…it is real. So might as well believe that you have already attained your desires in life and feel all the abundance, thrills, and emotions that come with it. Your lower/inner mind will believe it as real, and your vibration will raise. This turns you into a magnet of abundance. Ideas, chance encounters, and new opportunities will start to arrive out of nowhere...because of your higher vibration.

Don’t separate yourself from your ultimate desires in life by making useless goals...that no one keeps. Just so you can fail again and then sit hopelessly on your couch for another year wondering why everyone ELSE succeeds. Believe that this version of you already exists, because it does! Step into that reality…it is already here for you. Top actors and comedians such as Will Smith, Jim Carrey, and Steve Harvey preach these concepts. Heck, even if your ideal reality does not match what you see just yet…trust and know it is being called in. And in the meantime, you will feel amazing about life during the journey! Happy New Year =)

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