Run Dedication for Jeffrey S. Russell

I have the beautiful honor of dedicating today's 5.35 mile training run to the beloved memory of Jeffrey S. Russell. He left us ten years ago today, but his cherished life will continue to bless us forever. He was a true hero as he proudly served our great country in the US Navy. Jeff traveled the world and literally has friends all over the world! He was immediately loved by everyone who was blessed enough to be in his presence. Jeff became a massage therapist and a rolfer after his military service...also was a 5th degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu. He was a truly gifted man...even took two foreign languages at the same time in high school. Possibly the thing he was noted for the most was his heart of gold! I send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to his friends and family today. When Jeffrey left…he took a piece of us with him! Thank you Debbie for allowing me the special opportunity of dedicating today to your beloved son...I am truly honored to represent his light! Please share this post, and your most cherished memory of Jeff's life in the comment section below. God bless. 

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