The Law of SMALL Opportunity

Have you ever been frustrated because you seem to be working against the grain to reach a goal. Whenever we have something that we're striving for in life...the universe usually does not just hand it over to us on a silver platter. Very often we have to go through phases until we eventually graduate towards what we are striving for. It is almost like we need to prove (or pass the test) that we are a worthy agent for the opportunity. One interesting way that you can capitalize on this graduation process even faster is through what I call, "The Law of Small Opportunity."

If you set an intention to the universe that you want to accomplish a certain task, find an answer to a question, or even meet your soul mate...very often you will find a very small opportunity towards that intention (that most of the time we usually overlook). For example, after a few nagging leg injuries this year I knew that I needed to get back in shape because running was an integral part of my Run Hope Live mission. Many times I felt discouraged because I was so busy with parenting, working full-time, and being committed to other stick to my daily running schedule. I knew something needed to be done.

So, recently I set an intention of waking up at 4 AM each morning to do a 5-mile run for an entire kind of kick start myself into running again. On day 4 of 7 the local media was forecasting "inches" of rain...jeopardizing my intention. I trusted that I would still be able to run even if it meant I had to run in the rain. Then, as I was finishing up my projects for the evening...I decided to check the forecast to see when the rain was supposed to start. I noticed it wasn't supposed to start raining for two more hours. I saw this as a "small opportunity" to get the next morning's run done early instead of getting rained out the next morning.

Show the universe that you are a willing participant. The universe has a way of rewarding those who consistently take advantage of small opportunities. I could complain about not having time to run, make excuses, or I could accept the small opportunities that come. If we miss on the small things...why should we be trusted to do the big??? I know we all want to hit home runs in life, but don't take lightly the small opportunities that surface...go ahead and lay down that can always steal 2nd base later! Magic happens within the small opportunities!


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