If I were to ask you what your dreams are in life...could you recite them right off the tip of your tongue without thinking? Would it take you a few minutes to conjure up an answer? Or do you even have any? I know it could be a tough question...they don't teach these kinds of things in our schools (except for a few caring teachers...looking at you Mr. Edman). Some people may give cop out answers and say that their's is to have a lot of money...a big house...or multiple cars. Those can all be nice, but we all know that the world's most miserable people have all the money, houses, and cars they could ever dream of. No, we need to go much deeper than that! I'm not here to judge what your dreams are in life...but I would like for you to be thinking about...better yet, acting on your biggest hopes and dreams. There could be a clock ticking away on them that you’re not aware of. 

I applied for and received a hardship discharge from the US Active Army many years ago, because my mother was needing assistance so that she didn't have to live in a nursing home. She had been struggling with many complications from diabetes for years and was now faced with the realization that her time here on earth was coming to an end. I got to spend her last year with her, and during that time I did the best I could to get her to doctor's appointments and be a caretaker. I also got to spend a lot of time with her in the evenings hanging out (with many heart to heart talks). I knew I wouldn't have too many more of these opportunities...so I took advantage of it. One night she informed me that she knew her time here was short and she had a lot of regrets about things left undone. There were a couple things that she wanted to do when she was younger that for one reason or another, she didn't get to do them, and now would never have the opportunity. My mother wanted to make sure that her young son didn't make the same mistakes. She made me promise her that if there was anything that I ever wanted to do in my life...that I would at least try it. She said to me, "If you try it, and fail...at least you can always look back and say that you tried." She also said, "You never want to get to a point in your life when you're growing older knowing that you didn't do the things that you truly wanted to do." I made her that promise that day, and have done the best that I could between then and now...to live up to it. 

Now, I say the same thing to you! Don't wake up many years from now...looking back on your life wishing that you had taken action on your personal dreams. Don't be afraid of failure...some people are paralyzed by it. There's really no such thing as failure anyways. I am blind to failure...all I see are lessons and opportunity. Failure is like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. If you choose to see your failures as lessons...then are they really failures? The main theme that my mother was trying to leave with me was to dream...and then go chase it. That is also one of the biggest hopes that I wish to impart to my children as well. And, one of the best ways that we can encourage our children to chase their own dreams...is to model a life of chasing ours. And if you're going to dream, you might as well dream BIG. I like to keep dreams in front of me that scare the junk out of me...or they are just too puny! Create dreams for your life that are worthy of the history books...then they will have to teach it in the schools, lol!

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