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Over the past five years I have been fascinated with positive and negative energy (+/-). These binary forces weave a thread through all matter, space, time, and reality. Nothing exists without it…even down to the atomic level. With every situation I find myself in lately I weigh the energy that I sense and feel and act accordingly. I personally believe that anything good (love, hope, joy, abundance, healing, vitality, etc.) comes from positive energy, and all bad (disease, sin, hate, poverty, depression, suicide, etc.) comes from negative energy. Literally everything is either one or the other. That sounds great Tony, but what does that have to do with the price of bread in China? Actually, way more than you would think.

First, it is important to understand that there are some limits to what we can comprehend as human beings. The Universe (God force) is mysterious, and we won’t be able to attain the vast knowledge available to us with our five measly little senses. Not to mentioned that language is very limited too. So much of what I am about to say about energy can only be explained and understood either in theory or through a personal inner knowing. If you try to understand it through the intellect, science, evidence, and practicality…you better have an IQ of 160. I can’t offer you that kind of proof…I’m not a 160 kind of dude, lol!

Every word, thought, action, and physical thing has either a positive or negative charge…and influences the rest of our being (plus everything in our vicinity). Have you ever walked into a room and you could just feel the negative energy? It may have not been a conscience thought…you just KNEW that you didn’t want to be there. See…not such a crazy concept after all?! I believe we can change the world with this kind of understanding, coupled with a willingness to facilitate more positive healing energy. So how can we change the world with the +/- concept. Well, I will share my experience.

I am an empath-healer (self-proclaimed of course) because I can experience the energy in other’s fields that I come in close contact with (usually in person – but by distance too). As far back as I can remember I could feel what other people were experiencing as though it was happening to me. Nowadays, I choose to cleanse the negative energy that shows up in my experience through something that resembles Ho’oponopono (click here to learn more). I do not have any judgment, opinion of, or a dread for the negative energy that shows up…because I believe it has been brought to me for a reason.

I make no claims of great healing powers, because in most cases I am not there to see results. All I am really doing anyways is clearing my own energy field, and by doing that it spills out to those around me.  It is not my job to judge or measure results anyways…my only job is only to cleanse. Plus, I do not tell anyone what I am doing when it is happening because it hijacks the process. I also believe anyone can do this if they are aligned to the right frequency…I am no different that you. If this topic interests you…please stay tuned to the Run Hope Live blog, the upcoming YouTube Channel, and books I am currently or will be writing in the future. My life is dedicated to preventing suicide through a proper understanding of how +/- impacts our lives.

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