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Have you ever been faced with a decision…but struggled because your head is telling you one thing and your heart is telling you another? Me too!! Have you ever noticed that if you allow yourself to get quiet to center yourself...very often you hear a "still small voice" at the very center of your being telling you what is best? Some may call it your conscious, your gut, or your heart...but that is not what’s important here. The important thing is to follow that guidance because it is (in my opinion) the God force of the Universe communicating with you. And I don't know about you, but I trust the God force over my own limited intellect! I have found that when I follow that still small voice things seem to work out better for me (and I am much happier), but when I go against it and try to use my brain and logic…I seem to be less fulfilled in life. But wait...there's MORE! It's really not for us to judge the results of following the still small voice anyways, because God is orchestrating something bigger pictured that we may not be privileged to know about. Let's do this through a hypothetical illustration...

For instance, say you’re walking down the street and there's a gentleman sitting in a wheelchair on the corner begging for money. The first instinct is to use the intellect to say to ourselves, “I’m not giving him money because he's just going to buy alcohol with it.” But, today you decide to go within and listen to the inner still small voice that says, “give him the $5 in your pocket.” So you do, he says “Thank you,” and you walk away feeling good about yourself. After you round the corner he gets up from his wheelchair and starts walking towards the convenience store to purchase some alcohol (probably some Natty Light, lol). While he's on his way he sees an elderly lady attempting to cross the street, and there's a truck barreling down the alley that doesn't seem to be stopping. The man dives out in front of the truck saving her (and himself) in the process. So wait, let's back up for a minute. If we had not given the man the $5 in the first place, he would not have been in the right place at the right time to save the elderly lady's life. So, who are we to judge anybody and question the divine nature of God. We did our part by following the still small voice. Even if people have the wrong intentions...could they still be in the will of God? That's a question for another day, but God seeing the entire picture is the takeaway here.

I choose to live with that inner voice that acts like a compass pointing me towards true North. Actions that I take each day are guided by the voice at the very center of my being. I'm instructed on what I should do and I'm also instructed on what I should NOT do. As I said before, the times in my life when I have followed that inner voice and did what it had instructed me to do are the times when I have found the most fulfillment, most peace, most joy, and truly lived! But, when I have gone against that still small voice I usually find guilt, shame, and condemnation on my path...and believe that it is personal sin for me. I can live every day EVERY MOMENT of my life in the presence of my Creator...simply by going within and spending time with that still subtle voice. Even with the smallest of small decisions...I go within and sit with the still voice for a moment…then I go with the very first instinct that comes up. I don't second-guess it, I don't reason with it, I don't justify for or against it, I just go with it! If you struggle with making decisions today…start following that still small voice on the inside. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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