The Suicide Rate on Mars

I have made a habit of attending suicide prevention conferences and workshops on a regular basis to learn all the recent trends and researching efforts. It is always refreshing to see what is being done to try to curb the suicide epidemic around the globe. When I attend these conferences, I see all of the wonderful work that is being conducted by the doctors, researchers, and scientists who are attempting to tackle the issue. I always leave the conferences feeling excited about the work that they have presented and I always think to myself, "This is going to work!" BUT…each year whenever the statistics are published the suicide rate keeps rising.

Just a few weeks ago the statistics were published for 2017 by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The suicide rate rose again to 14.0/100,000 in the USA representing 47,173 suicides and the 10th leading cause of death in our country (also, a 33% rise since 1999). To me this represents a disconnect between the amazing work that's being done and the actual statistics each year. It made me think to myself…WHY!? Why is there such great work being done here on planet Earth…but yet the rates keep rising? More important question…What is the suicide rate on Mars?

Well the easy answer to that question is ZERO, but not so fast…I’m not letting you off that easy. As you are currently reading these words there are governments, private agencies, and organizations planning trips to one of our closest neighbors…Mars. As soon as we arrive on the red planet work will begin to see if we can exist there as a species within the elements that the planet offers. This has me thinking what the suicide rate will be on Mars when we begin to arrive and colonize the planet within the next 100-200 years.

I believe the rate on Mars will remain pretty close to the same number it is right now…ZERO. For those people who are pursuing their creative sides and in tune with their inner desires…suicidal ideation has little room to exist. If a small sample size of people (say...astronauts pursuing their inner desires) are able to travel to a new planet and live out their dreams there...the connection they have to the Source (God Force, or Universe) will keep suicide the furthest thing from their thinking. I believe the suicide rate would remain low until the second or third generations are born. Now you may say, "Tony, what about the recent trend in suicides with famous artists and musicians...aren't they connected to the Source too?" There are other factors at play there that we will examine in future blog posts. I think there are bigger lessons for us with this "Mars" example anyways.

I hope to educate and inspire many around the globe (and beyond) to pursue their inner desires in life, because I know that the more people who are actively connected and chasing their dreams...there will be far less people feeling hopeless, helpless, and trapped by life. God gifts us with everything we need to pursue our unique paths of destiny. It is specifically for us…no one else. The most refreshing thing you can offer this world…is to be uniquely you, and not a cheap imitation of everyone else. Believe it or not...every decision you make, every thought you have, and every breath you take...has a lasting impression on the world around you. Might as well make it a beautiful one!

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