Want Money or Abundance?

When I first read about the Law of Attraction many years ago...it seemed refreshing and exciting to me at the time. The idea that we can attract into our lives the things that we focus our attention on…seemed legit. I bought into the concept immediately because I had a lot of “crap” going on…and I had surely been focusing on it. But I struggled in applying the law into my everyday life to see positive change. Now looking back…I believe that one of the main reasons I struggled is because I could not differentiate between abundance and money. I assumed abundance was the same thing as money, but I now understand that they are very different. Follow me on this and let me know where you stand.

The first thing I needed to understand is that money is just a vibration. Heck, everything is a vibration. Money has a vibration, but so does love, peace, health, vitality, ideas, thoughts, and so on. I would consider abundance to be a parent vibration to money. Money is one of the many ways that abundance can manifest itself. So, if we are focused solely on money then we are leaving out an infinite amount of other options for abundance in our lives. Abundance can come in the form of health, relationships, ideas, opportunities, and so many other forms. If we are a true vessel of creativity and abundance then a checking account may be the last thing we are concerned with.

The Universe IS abundance. One day while I was running, I got caught up in the beauty of how every single leaf on each tree I could see, and each little blade of grass in sight always seem to get everything it needed to thrive everyday…without worry. What about the birds? They fly around effortlessly collecting food exactly when they need it...without concern for tomorrow. If we are made in God's image...how much more would He provide for us…than a blade of grass? How does all 37 trillion cells in my body get exactly what they need each second of the day for me to even be alive? Isn’t that some kind of miracle or something? I have never once said to myself…I hope that atom in my left big toe keeps spinning today or I’m done for!

I finally understood that I am already manifesting abundance in my life, and abundance is deeper, farther reaching, and more fulfilling than money could ever hope to be. Sure, money can afford experiences that you may want for yourself and family. But the Universe can provide you with those same experiences (or better) with or without money...so why limit yourself. The Universe can cause a debt to be forgiven, bills to be less than planned, or give you a new idea that changes the trajectory of your life for the better. The Universe can cause that old car of yours with 200,000 miles to keep you on the road for another 5 years...even though it should be in the junkyard. Understand that you are loved and cared for at the very core element of your existence. Let the worries melt away as you see the world for what it truly is...ABUNDANCE! With this proper perspective...money surely can and will come.


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