What Can Suicide Learn from Rice?

I never understood why prevention agencies would have the word "Suicide" in their actual titles. Their missions are doomed from the jump. Anyone who has a basic understanding of psychology will tell you that you can’t break a bad habit or behavior by focusing on the bad habit or behavior. You would need to replace that thought with a different and more helpful one. Let me explain…if I am trying to eat healthier, I would not say to myself “Don’t eat doughnuts, don’t eat doughnuts, don’t eat doughnuts.” Because, what will I end up doing? I will eat a doughnut (or 12)!! I would need to focus my attention on healthier food choices. I might say to myself, “I’m looking forward to a good salad today for lunch.” The reason for this is because we attract into our lives what we focus on. If we want to prevent people from dying by suicide…why would we include the term “suicide” in our efforts? This works against us in a VERY powerful way. Subconsciously we are still focusing on suicide. Words are just energy (just like everything else in the universe), and if we want positive change then we need words that represent positive energy, frequency and vibration.

The “Rice Experiment” has fascinated me for the past two years, and I have conducted the experiment five or six times now…all with the same results. If you are not familiar…all you do is cook up some white rice and divide the portion into two identical jars. Label one jar “Love” and label the other jar “Hate.” Over the next few weeks and months (as silly as it sounds) tell the “Love” jar that you love it, and tell the “Hate” jar that you hate it. The “Hate” jar over time will begin to turn brown while the “Love” jar usually stays white (or will stay much whiter that the hate jar). Don’t believe me…try it…I was skeptical too! There are thousands of examples on YouTube as well if you are interested. This experiment has changed my thinking and showed me just how important words and labels can be! As I stated before...words are just a vibration of energy.

It is important for us to think of the world in terms of energy. It was Nicola Tesla that said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Our bodies are actually 99.9999% empty space…whenever you look at the composition of an atom and the space between the proton and electron. In fact, if a hydrogen atom were the size of the earth, the proton at its center would only be about 600 feet across. Think about how much empty space that would leave. Since our bodies are constructed of atoms…our bodies are in fact and 99.9999% empty space. What gives our bodies (or all matter) the appearance of physicality and solid nature? It’s the fact that the atoms are in constant movement. The electrons are moving around the nucleus. This is a similar concept to a ceiling fan. If a ceiling fan is turned off…you can stick your hand right straight through it and touch the ceiling above. But you would never consider doing this if the fan was turned on…because the blades are moving and would end up touching (or injuring) you. This gives the fan a different appearance.

If progress is to be made with the suicide epidemic…it is important to replace the word “suicide” with a word that offers positive energy because labels are paramount. That is why I call my work “Run Hope Live.” RUN represents “the body” (treating our body as a temple, fitness, and diet), HOPE represents “the spirit” (connecting to the source, prayer, and meditation), and LIVE represents “the mind” (education, learning, growth, and LIVING)…RUN HOPE LIVE, all positive terms in my opinion! Maybe the lessons we learn from rice can fundamentally change how we think about suicide and put us on a better track towards helping people see the value in life (and themselves)!

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