What if "Dust to Dust" Doesn't Tell the Entire Story?

I'll never forget the day that my mother passed away from diabetic complications back in 2000. My mother laid in a coma for the better part of two days before she passed...in which she was not able to express any of her final wishes with us, but I had an inner understanding that gave me a deep calm and a peace knowing everything was going to be okay. I stayed by my mother's side as she passed and the doctors came in her room to declare her legally dead. At that very moment…I felt a presence that I never experienced before. It was as though my mother was still with me...kind of like when you can feel the presence of someone standing behind you. YOU JUST KNOW! The presence that I felt in the hospital room that day is a feeling that I still experience 19 years later. I believe that when someone passes away that it's NOT the end. Sure, they have transcended the human body and exist in a different form of energy (or dimension), but the energy is just as real as human flesh itself. I believe that my mother can and does communicate with me to this day, and I can communicate with her. We can spend time with each other even though we are in different realms of reality. 

I believe that we all have the ability and the inner knowing and intuition to experience the non-physical. Science is starting to catch on to this through quantum physics and mechanics. Whenever I do run dedications on social media to honor somebody's life that has passed away...I choose to see it as an opportunity to allow that person another chance to speak through me. It is NOT the end for them, and I can sense their presence as I run and create their run dedication picture for that day. I believe that through my artistic talent, willingness, determination, discipline, and ability...I'm able to honor their life in such a way where they can communicate through me…new ideas and concepts that they may not have been able to communicate while they were still here in the earthly realm. And I’m nothing special…anyone can do this if they just “tune in” to the right frequency. You may say, Tony...what about sin, judgement, Christianity, the end times, and other world religions? I’m not saying that my ideas are the only way to look at things…I just know our earthly minds are very limited…so we should not also limit God with our small thinking. Plus, I’m not convinced these concepts conflict too much with many of the world’s religions anyways.

There's way more to this life then we can understand or comprehend with our dilapidated five senses. Language for example, is such a limited way to try to describe life. For example, whenever I think of the word “God,” I think that it is almost insulting to try to limit God to a single word. I sometimes refer to God as the Universe, the God force, or Consciousness. God is much more than the word...much more than we can ever understand, but this is the best that we can do to describe Him (in our limited feeble capacities). And this holds true with our understanding of the world around us too. It is very limited and it would be silly of us to convince ourselves that we know exactly what happens when people die. I don't know what happens when people die...I just know that my ability to comprehend and understand this world, death, and the afterlife is very elementary. Matter cannot be created or destroyed...that is what they tell us! I have always been fascinated with near death experiences (NDEs) ever since my mother shared her experience with me back in 1999. I have always been open to new ideas…because I do not know everything! If death is not THE end…then preventing death may not be the best use of our time while we are here. Maybe a better use of our time would be to learn how to really and truly LIVE...through our own creativity. Love you Mom :)

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