You ARE Creation

Tell me if this sounds familiar!? You wake up, put your feet on the ground, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, get in your car, drive to work, work 8-10 hours (doing something you would rather not do), get back in your car, drive home, fix dinner, watch TV, get the family ready for bed, and go to bed…just so you can rinse and repeat tomorrow! Then you do that for 30-40 years until you can retire…right? Am I the only one that sees a problem with this??? Weren’t we designed for WAY more than a meaningless rat race? I thought we were made in the image of God? So what part of the so called “life” I just described reminded you of God…maybe the waking up part…that’s about it. Folks…we ARE creative beings, and we are being robbed of (or allowing) our God-given creative nature. In the beginning God created. If God is the creator…and we are made in His image…then why did we stop being creative at like age 7? …shouldn’t we be creating too?

Remember back when you were younger how everything seems so magical, vibrant, exciting, enticing, rewarding, and fun. Fast forward to your current a life and you may feel “stuck” and dread your dead-end job (or life). So, what's the disconnect between your seven-year-old self and now (read about my disconnect here)? I would submit that we have lost touch with who we really are, we are creation itself! We are gifted with tailored tools, talents, interests, and skills to create and add value to this existence that we all call life. If we suppress this creativity (and settle for the rat race) then unfortunately we start to manifest all kinds of things that we really don't want (stress, discontent, anxiety, depression, illness, etc.). Don’t worry, if you go down that path of stress and illness there are entire industries ready to capitalize and make money off of you (hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, counselors, doctors, etc.). Instead, if we go inside…connect to the infinite universe, and tap into our inner wisdom, and live from a place of creation…I’m not sure how much we would need those industries. In my opinion…creativity is true living!

What if I told you I don’t believe in retirement? We have been programmed to be good boys and girls and work 40 years for a system that suppresses our creative geniuses…just so we can retire into nothingness (with just enough money not to starve to death). Huh? Instead, if we woke up each day only to reach into our inspired selves and focused solely on creating from the abundant universe…imagine how magical and exciting life would be!? No need to retire now…retire from what? Why would you want to retire from being a creative inspired being? But Tony, I need to pay my bills. Yes, you do…but if you are connected to the endless abundance of the universe. What else do you need? Have you ever stopped to realized that those who are most closely connected to their creative selves (musicians, athletes, actors, etc) usually don’t have any issues paying those bills (warning…there is a difference between abundance and about it here)? I know it is scary…I’m not saying to quit your job. You can connect to your creative self and also do something you would rather not do…but do yourself a favor and have a plan to not live that way forever.

Let me leave you with one thought. Think about a moment in time when you created something you were proud of. Think about the rush you had and how you showed it off to everyone around you. Ahhhhh…nice, right? That feels a lot different than getting up each day for the rat race...doesn’t it?  Remember you ARE creation!

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