Your Success Anchor

It is important to anchor your successes in life. This is not about bragging. It’s not about "looky what I did." This is about keeping your vibration high so that you can attract more of the same success into your life in the future. And let’s not kid just makes you feel good too. Many people display trophies, medals, hang up certificates, or make success binders. I once heard a story of a man who bought a $600 lighter just so he could anchor his success after he sold out of all his books at a conference that he was hosting. He said that even 10 years after buying the lighter he still feels the same excitement each time he gets to tell the story of selling all of the books and buying the lighter. That might be a bit extreme, but he claims that his lighter success anchor has paid for itself thousands of times over by keeping his vibration at a high level.

In my bedroom I have an old shirt that is all tattered and torn. It is so faded that you can barely read what the shirt says. Whenever someone sees it they always ask why I keep it because it looks like trash…to be honest. I always tell them that this tattered shirt is my success anchor. This was the shirt I wore the first time I scored a perfect 300 on the Army Physical Fitness Test way back in the late 1990s. It is hard to tell how many pounds of sweat had poured through those threads before I retired it. One look at that shirt always renews my confidence in myself to continue on strong at an elite level (even now into my 40s). And, 21 maxed PT Tests later…I still consider this shirt to be my very favorite success anchor.

Success anchors can give you an opportunity to relive your best moments in life over and over again anytime you share your story with another person. Reliving that success and the feelings that come with it will ensure more success to come for yourself in the future (you attract more of what you focus on). It can be a $600 lighter or something very small and practical. Don’t let anyone else tell you that you are being selfish either. This is a good time to be selfish…you are keeping your success vibration high which benefits you AND everyone around you (family and friends). Remember, your success is not measured by anyone else anyways…it is measured BY you FOR you! So go ahead and display your success anchors proudly at your home or office (and smile)!

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