Run Dedication for Brandon Ratliff

I have the amazing honor of dedicating today's 5.01-mile training run to the beloved memory of Brandon Ratliff. Born October 27, 1972 and passed away on March 18, 2004...he died 15 years ago today by the way of suicide after losing his will to go on. Brandon IS loved and missed more and more with each passing second! Today we celebrate the amazing man that he was and will always be! He left us way too only 31 years of age. Born in Groveport (OH)...he played football, tennis, and ran track in high school. Brandon is a true American hero as he proudly served our great country in the US Army Reserves with deployments to Afghanistan in 2003 and 2004. After returning home from war he learned that he lost his civilian job with the City of Columbus (OH) Health Department. Brandon was quoted as saying, "I was not prepared to come home from one battle only to fight another." I send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to all of his family and friends today. Thank you so much Jennifer for affording me this amazing opportunity today of running in honor of your beloved relative...I hope his memory continues to live on strong...FOREVER! Please share this post with others...and comment with your fondest memory of Brandon's life in the comments section below. God bless!

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  1. I remember babysitting Brandon once when he was little. He came in from outside and put a live snake on the counter in the kitchen! OMG! I freaked out! Brandon was fearless. Brandon is my cousin's son.