Fun Activity for the Kiddos!!

The “Rice Experiment” has fascinated me for the past two years, and I have conducted the experiment five or six times now…all with the same results. If you are not familiar…all you do is cook up some white rice and divide the portion into two identical jars. Label one jar “Love” and label the other jar “Hate.” Over the next few weeks and months (as silly as it sounds) tell the “Love” jar that you love it, and tell the “Hate” jar that you hate it.

The “Hate” jar over time will begin to turn brown while the “Love” jar usually stays white (or will stay much whiter that the hate jar). Don’t believe me…try it…I was skeptical too! There are thousands of examples on YouTube as well if you are interested. This experiment has changed my thinking and showed me just how important words and labels can be! As I stated before...words are just a vibration of energy. 

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