Run Dedication for David Woodrow Saul Jr

I have the beautiful honor of dedicating today's 5.01-mile training run to the beloved memory of David Woodrow Saul Jr. Born February 4, 1965...he passed away on March 27, 2019, and is loved and missed more and more with each passing day. David worked for the City of Radford & VDOT most of his career. He enjoyed fishing and spending time on the river. He loved nothing more than having time with his kids and all 6 of his grandkids. David was a true character, always had a joke to make you laugh, and was always there to pick us up when we needed it. He had many numerous who were family to him and he never EVER met a stranger. I want to send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to all of his family and friends today as you remember his amazing life. Thank you Krista for allowing me this special honor and opportunity today...I always take these requests seriously and appreciate the chance to run in remembrance. May his loving memory live on strong in our hearts and minds for many years to come. Please share this post and your most cherished memory of David's life in the comments section below for all to see. God bless.

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