Run Dedication for Marsha Anderson

I have the true honor of dedicating today's 2-mile training run to the beautiful memory of Marsha Anderson...a vibrant, beautiful woman who overcame so many obstacles! She was born May 29, 1963 and passed by the way of suicide on October 29, 2009 and was loved by so so many! Her smile was big and bright, and she was very fun-loving and spontaneous, with a splash of stubbornness too! Marsha was incredibly kind and giving, spent her career as a nurse, and LOVED making a difference in others’ lives everyday. She had a soft spot for the elderly and was always looking to make sure they were taken care of. Marsha loved to read, sing, dance, and act. She loved her children very much and did her best to provide them with everything they needed. Not only was she a great mother and friend to many... she was an awesome cheerleader to those she loved. Last but not least, she truly loved the Lord and was passionate about her faith in God. Thank you Amanda for affording me the opportunity of honoring your amazing mother on the 10 anniversary of her passing. I hope to do my part to keep her memory alive. Please share this post and comment below with your most beloved memory of Marsha's life for all to see. God Bless!

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